Tuesday, May 17, 2011

News Break : Common is the new Chuck D!

At the end of every Daily Show (kudos to Jon Stewart for an excellent showing on Bill O'Reilly's show here), Stewart offers a daily dose of zen. It's often an opportunity for the good folks at Fox News to show how ridiculous they are (click the image below to see the full episode - - - but this post only talks to the last 10 seconds or so starting around 20 mins 50 secs in).

Now, it may have slid by you on the first time, but watch it again and you'll notice that host Gretchen Carlson says this,

"Well, I don't know how you could have any rap star come to the White House with any of their lyrics. But anyway, don't want to open up. . ."

And that pretty much sums up the substance of the opposition to Common's appearance at the White House. It isn't about the content of Common's library of work. It couldn't be, the guy is perhaps most known as a sex symbol, socially conscious rapper and
actor. Comparing Common's efforts to gangster music is frankly disrespectful to the likes of N.W.A and Ice T - - - and everyone should know by now that Eazy E of NWA fame has had a visit to the White House at the invite of Bush I. It'd be like comparing Kim Kardashian to Jenna Jameson. Sure Kim's got a sex tape, but Jenna's got a sex tape ARCHIVE. It isn't even that there is and always has been some defined criteria as to how brilliant your resume and past history must be in order to receive the invite to the people's house (if that was the case, some of our President's would have had their house keys revoked).

What is it? Well, we could state the obvious but we'll hold off and play nice. Let's say . . . people who express their dissent for the Common invite are simply afraid with that which they are not comfortable with. Gretchen expresses this plainly and clearly in her final words as the show ends. The entire genre of hip-hop/rap should be excluded from the White House invite list (actually, we should take advantage of this and make it known to the youth today that being a rapper may exclude you from ever entering the White House doors . .. shoot for a Nobel in Math or Science instead). There isn't a need to decipher or even just listen to the lyrics of a hip-hop/rap song, it's not necessary to know that they are rooted in evil and anti-christian teachings and you can probably bet they're drowning kittens somewhere in the chorus. And they're all the same no matter if it's Soulja Boy or the Geto Boys, Will Smith or Public Enemy. No matter if your lyrics are promoting pistol whipping or encouraging you to whip your hair back and forth like Willow.

It has nothing to do with content. It has everything to do with the fact that some people will not like you because of what you are versus who you are.

Poor Kittens!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Lord . . . I'm Tired of Being Black.

Dear Lord,

I'm not sure if I believe in past lives. But if they exist, exactly what did I do in order to deserve this fate that you have placed upon me for which I can never, ever escape? Many have tried but there is no bleach, no cream no mask that can cover me from the hate, the disdain, the outright fury that many have toward this darkened pigmentation.

I ask, what have I done? What act did I execute that would anger you so that it would cause you to lay upon me this burden. Why must I carry this load which weighs more than any scale could ever balance? What have I stolen from you that has brought upon me this rage, this intense exasperation for which you have elected to place upon me, over me and around me this tawny skin that infuriates so many when they simply gaze upon it. I would return whatever I have pinched faster than the thought of doing so itself.

Lord, although I know that I don't have the vision or the capability of understanding your intricate plans, I ask that you try. I beg and plea that you make it plain to me why I have been asked to wear this albatross even when I stand naked, my garments strewn across the floor.

Yesterday our President was compelled to prove his right to the highest office in the land, despite having done so time and time before. He was asked to account for the gifts of intelligence, wisdom, compassion and sensibility that you have provided within him; for these characteristics must have been stolen from your hand itself with a plan of malice and ill intent in mind. Yesterday our President was asked of by his Nation, a Nation of which "In God We Trust", to humble himself to that of status below a peasant despite having achieved a feat only 43 others before him have attained.

My God I ask why, in the days for which you have given us the ability to accomplish so much, we have not been given the faculty to know and love with our hearts despite the reflection that passes through our eyes.

I ask this of you for I have grown tired of defending who you have made me to be.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ever Met This Guy/Gal? : "Oh, you're Married? . . .I'm sorry."

While out watching the NCAA Championship last night, some friends of a Cousin joined us. Older gentlemen, early forties, one of which who had been married twice, the other who'd been married . . . never . . . and probably never will (but we'll get into that later). After a few drinks and hearing about his single triumphs, he came to the stunning awareness that the very pretty lady sitting next to me was married . . . to me. The conversation continued as he spoke about his friends who'd been married . . . some more than once (the guy who was with him . . . waiting on his new lady friend to arrive . . . he'd been the best man in his wedding . . . twice). His friend asked me to give them advice on marriage, despite being 10 years their junior. I'm a smart ass so I obliged by asking the never, eva, eva, eva married guy, "how often do you hang out with your married friends?" He told me that he and the guy who'd accompanied him for the night were the best of friends and always hung out. His other married friends, he saw them "once every blue moon". I subsequently told him that my first piece of advise would be to only hang out with guys like him on the golf course (I don't know if he necessarily got it or took well to my sarcastic advice . . . his friend did and added that that may not even be a safe place to be with him if you're married). This probably isn't the best way to make new friends in a new city . . .but some friends you don't need.

I failed to mention that when acquiring the knowledge of my and my wife's marriage, his face turned up as if he'd just bit into a sour pickle.

These type of people really turn my gears. You know the type that uses their failed experiences to discourage your endeavor while at the same time refusing to acknowledge how much they contributed to the failure of that experience in the first place. Dude, you're not married because of you. Your friend probably isn't married because of you too. It has nothing to do with the institution of marriage, the many "good" women you have damaged over your 40+ years or any other reason other than the fact that marriage isn't something that you're willing to commit to because it may require that you put someone else's priorities and needs in front of yours . . . if even temporarily (this is evident in the fact that you're a part time dad that sees your children sparingly despite them being only a few hours drive away from you . . . but we'll leave that alone). But I'm okay with that. Commitment and marriage isn't for everyone. Shoot, most people don't know it's not for them until they've actually tried it (ie. the 50% divorce rate). My issue is that you don't have to be part of the Disgruntled Single Person's Crusade who's mission statement is to "Discourage Unified Partnership . . . One Marriage at a Time!".

Don't think marriage is cool, you look athletic, let's talk sports. Can't commit to anything that requires focus for more than 12 minutes, cool , let's get on YouTube and watch some movie shorts. But please, no matter how afraid you are of marriage and unable to deal with the fact that your father wasn't present and you were raised by women yet didn't transfer that respect that you have for that subset of women to all women you encountered and will continue to have this plague you until you realize that your Father was who he was and you can be someone totally different than he . . . [end rant], don't attempt to discourage the rest of the world from embarking among the wondrous journey we call marriage.

On another note, good luck with explaining to your live in girlfriend why you smell like woman's perfume later. I hope that works out for you . . . Tiger!

Friday, January 22, 2010

We already got the Washington Generals!

The day after (thanks for waiting) MLK day, Don "Moose" Lewis announced his desire to create an all white professional basketball league which permitted only all white (have to prove your parents paternity), all American players.

The news of an all white basketball league wasn't the most astonishing news associated with the Moose's hair brained idea (though I must give it to him, if he has any other businesses, he's definitely created a marketing buzz that will undoubtedly result in increased attention and likely higher profits). Most appalling to me was the results of the poll that was being taken on WJBF-TV's website. Of 703 respondents to the yes/no question of "Do You Think An All-White Professional Basketball Team Is A Good Idea For Augusta?". . . 47% chose yes. 47 PERCENT!

Perhaps the Moose's idea isn't so far fetched. Of course statistics can be skewed and it's highly likely that those people who voted sought out the article with their minds made up regarding race already . . . but the numbers are the numbers. . . 47% thought that this asinine idea was perfectly okay.

Which returns me back to a reoccurring theme in many of my blog posts that the American people are some of the most clueless, idiotic . . . frankly, stupid people that ever existed. You see, some ideas don't make it away from the kitchen table from which they are spawned because someone early enough in the process made time to tell the originator of that idea that they are a complete fool for thinking that. But the reality is that 47% of us (yes, close to half) actually have the notion that forming an all white basketball league is a good idea.

Now I could spend time sharing my thoughts on why this predicament (or plague, depending on your perspective) has hit the NBA. I could go into how basketball in itself is a sport that is economically tailored to races with historically lower income levels (in it's professional form, basketball only requires one ball and two baskets covering 4700 sq feet for it's play . . . . and if you grew up in any community like mine, these can be substituted as in with a milk crate) versus other sports for which player composition is predominately white such as hockey or baseball (the average baseball field is 90,000 sq feet and requires lots of equipment) - - - at least for now, before the Latinos get rolling. We could discuss how natural selection and environment over thousands of years has perhaps slanted the probability of higher performance (albeit being relative to the sport which you are playing). But I'd rather not (despite the fact that I just did).

I'd prefer to focus on the fact that 47% of you idiots actually think this is a-ok! First, I don't care what top ten list that you look at, it is very likely that 80% of the players on that list will be black. Larry Bird, Pistol Pete Maravich and Jerry West are usually the only non-black persons that make that conversation. That being the case, wouldn't you just be better suited at watching the local high school's Varsity team or the JUCO that's in your city right after you get out of cosmetology class and before working the late shift at Bubba's Girl Palace? Why pay for mediocrity? Coupled with the false notion that in all the years for which these "overlooked white players" have been playing the sport, their "fundamentally superior" talent has yet to push them into the upper echelons of the sport. I'm sorry. But when I play pick up ball at my local rec center and I see a white guy that always plays fundamentally solid defense and offense while hitting 50% from the three point line, he's one of my first two pick ups no matter what. Despite the fact there are other fast running, high jumping, ox strong Negroes, as the US Census calls them black men in the gym. Face the fact that every coach outside of your little town of 1200 doesn't think you are NBA material.

The reality is this. Despite all the evidence that shows us different, in your feeble minds, blacks are still inferior. You may not be willing to admit it, but it is the truth. And for those of you who aren't astonished by the fact that 47% of respondents are okay with such a league forming. . . please become private donors to my soon to start all black professional water polo league that is guaranteed to give you just as much pleasure as the Jasper dragging death did. . . cause you know black people can't swim.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Only People More Ignorant Than Sarah Palin . . . .Are the American People!

I've been in a blog lull lately. Got too much going on in my life. Obviously Sarah Palin doesn't. She's back in the news, clammoring for attention like an outcast she is. Its' appalling. But what's more appalling is the fact that this woman has lost less fans and endorsement than Tiger Wood's did after his scandal broke.

If you're a Palin fan. Watch this video.

Now ask yourself, is this who you want to be part of the leadership of Ameriac? Perhaps her lip gloss and tailored ladies suits have put you in a state of shock and awe greater than that of the Desert Storm campaign. . . but seriously . . . seriously! How has she earned your respect? Perhaps the question is of too large a scope. How about this. Would you trust this woman to be the financial facilitator of your pension plan? You see. It's much more personal now. The United States will be okay. The POTUS' power is rooted in the people and the senators and congressmen that fall under him. He can't get too radical lest he be tarred and feathered. But what if she was solely responsible for ensuring that you had a check coming each month after retirement? Would you trust the lady in the video above?

The Woman Said She's Read "All of " the Magazines!

Who reads every magazine? What do you do for work? Read magazines? No . . . you're the Governor of Alaska. Governor's have things read to them. And I guarantee your staff isn't reading each and every magazine to you.

You don't believe me? You think I'm making this up? Here's a little more.

American People. I implore you reconsider. Everything that glitters isn't gold. It could be the shine of a piece of jagged shrapnel you're about to put your hands on. Be careful.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Question to the Ladies that Tell: WTF?

We all know Tiger was wrong. Infidelity shouldn't be explained away, applauded, looked past or disregarded simply because you are the best at anything you do (Micheal Jordan being the exception . . . come on Juanita . . .come on Son . . . it's MJ.). It's wrong and those who participate in such activity should be shunned (and taken to the bank in divorce court . . . remember it's cheaper to keep her! Blues Version here - Country Version here).

And his wife should perhaps be applauded for taking matters into her own hands (if the story is true). There's no better way for a woman to let a man know she's hurt than to beat down on his vehicle. And beat down she did.

But my question to the ladies who enter these affairs . . . knowingly . . . is, What the Fizzuck are you doing putting your exploits on blast like that?

Now I pardon those women who are lied to from the beginning, not told about the wife, start banging dude and fall in love while ignoring the fact that you see him only once a week, for the same amount of time and only at your crib and notice that he has two cell phones for only one of which you have the number to. . . dumbass!, only to find out that he's got a family on the other side of town. You didn't know (yea right!). Revenge may be due. But I'm not talking about you.

I'm talking about you low down, I've always wanted to do the horizontal limbo with a star, yes I know he's married with kids, but I think i've got the magic vajayjay type of bust down (bust down defined here for you non Chi-Towners)! You're despicable. You give cheaters a bad name. 31 months you've been bumping uglies in discrete hotels around the nation and now you want to come clean? That's not your role! You knew your role . . . from the beginning. You signed up for it! Matter of fact . . . you should be taken to court for a breach of verbal contract.

You can clammor all you want about Tiger's responsibility in the matter and you are 100% correct, but dude wasn't lying . . . to you at least. He can't. HE'S F'IN TIGER WOODS! If you've ever used Gillete, Nike, Buick, Wheaties, Played PS3, wear a TAG watch, had a damn Gatorade . . . you know dude was locked up, married, with a hot wife! KNOW YOUR ROLE!

So to all you attention seeking, money grabbing, scum of the earth cheating ass heffa's. Understand you're Sam Bowie to MJ. You may have been the number one pick (for the night) . . . but you'll never be his MJ!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why God is Necessary?

I believe there is a God. I believe he worries about each and everyone of us. I believe that he sets each and everyone of us on a path toward greatness from the moment we take our first breath. I believe he has high expectations of us and are disappointed when we do not meet those expectations, as any good parent would be. But what if there wasn't a God? What if our being here was the result of chance and time passed. What if all that we have accomplished as the human race was not a plan of the Almighty, but succession alone?

Perhaps this explains some of the tragedy and turmoil that we are facing today. Because without a God, without a Supreme being for which you would expect to have to answer to, the choices that we make would culminate without repercussion. This is why God is necessary.

I have lost a portion of my faith in the last several years. Not faith in God almighty. My faith in him as the guiding light has become more strong in these recent times. I have lost some of my faith in the goodness of people. I have lost some of my faith that by treating people right and making decisions and choices which are absorbed in self, you are guaranteed reciprocation. More than ever before do I feel that the goodness and sensibility that we are provided with isn't enough for man to behave in a fashion respectful of other men. This is why God is necessary.

I am an opinionated person (hence the blog). However, I have never felt so strongly of any opinion that I felt it necessary to make my opinion, feelings, state of mind and perspective heard by taking the life of another. We read, watch and listen to news stories daily about the War of Religion being waged in the Middle East. Persons who, because of their passion for their beliefs, feel it necessary to take the lives of others. This is why God is necessary.

President Obama stated at the Fort Hood Memorial yesterday that, "No faith justifies these murderous and craven acts; no just and loving God looks upon them with favor, And for what he has done, we know that the killer will be met with justice -- in this world and the next."

No matter where you stand on religion. No matter what belief you maintain or deity you kneel before, God is necessary so that we in the least have a feeling that someone is watching us and will take note of how we have lived. Day in and day out, we prove that we don't have the ability to govern ourselves. From the beginning of time, we have shown that free will is a gift that, for some, is too much to handle.

And on this Veteran's day, after reliving the most recent tragedy which has occured at Fort Hood, we are constantly reminded that God is necessary. If not for the sole reason that because of their belief in God's grace, we will continue to have brave men and women who enlist to protect us.

Thank God for making these golden men and women feel it necessary to put their lives on the line for our country in his name.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Things I Keep Forgetting to Remember: What you're saying is a fraction of what you're communicating.

Communication. This poorly used tool can perhaps be the most significant contributor to much of the issues we encounter on almost every level of our society. Our inability to execute effectively with respect to communication is a hidden hindrance regarding the progression of our individual, relationship and career development. Being inept at this so very important skill results in unnecessary stress and conflict and is essentially inefficient.

I've ran into very few people, unless of course they have been well educated and trained on the value of communicating effectively, who do it well. Myself included. Yet it is something that we are required to do almost every waking minute of our life. Practice makes perfect, right? So why is it that, despite all our practice, we seldom get it even close to perfect?

It's my opinion that there are a few practices which we have engaged in so long not knowing that we were in essence practicing in err.

1. Communication is less about what you are trying to transmit, and much more about how it will be received: Have you ever been told something by someone that was absolutely correct however, based on the delivery of the message alone, you couldn't accept it? I'm sure you have. We all have. We focus so much on what we are trying to transmit that we give little credence to the way that it is being received. No message is so correct that it can't be muddled by it's delivery. The content of our message becomes so prominent (to us) that we seldom take the time to make certain that what's in the package is not overshadowed by it's poor presentation. The disregard for delivery is in a sense selfish. Focus on the content is a "all about me approach". It puts heavy importance on what you have to say versus ensuring what you have to say will be heard. It's the "I/Me" approach to communication despite the fact that it takes "we" to have communication at all. Delivery sometimes is more poignant than what actually is being said.

2. Everything you think or feel or want to say doesn't have to be said (especially if you aren't able to communicate it effectively): Lately I've been trying to ask myself (before I speak) whether or not what I'm about to say is going to contribute in some sort of way. This is very, very hard to do. But it means so much when communicating. I'm full of answers. I feel like I have experienced a lot of life and as a result could provide a certain insight into most topics. However, as stated above, this is a very "I/Me" approach to communication. I've learned (recently . . . .very recently), that my input isn't always desired. What I may think, feel or want to say may not be necessarily warranted in every situation. I'm a self proclaimed poor listener. I think it's the man in me. I listen with the intent to solve. I'm about as close to being a better listener as we are to having flying cars like on the Jetson's. But I'm aware and more importantly, trying to be better. Not providing your input could be an effective and necessarily valuable form of communication.

3. Practicing good communication skills on the little things will better prepare you for when you have to communicate on the BIG things: The reality is . . . proper practice does make perfect. So if you're practicing how to do something/anything the right way, chances are you'll become better at it. Take shooting Free throws in basketball for example. Usually we practice shooting free throws while well rested with fresh legs and ample stamina. It permits us to perfect our form and reinforce good habits such as bending your knees and following through. However, good coaches not only instruct their players to practice while rested, but they require that you practice free throws after running really hard and tiring your self out. Why? Because that is more than likely going to be the "game time" situation. If we practice good communication skills on the little things in our relationships (taking the trash out, leaving the seat up, picking up your socks, helping with the dishes) we will be better prepared for "game time" (conversations about finances, hot-buttons, our futures, going out with the fellas, constructive criticisms, feelings, in-laws, sex, quality time, physical/emotional/spiritual needs, etc.)

4. There's so much you're saying without opening your mouth: Non-verbal communication screams. It yells. It shrieks. All without making a sound at all. That's about all that needs to be said.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm A Chauvinist . . . And I didn't even know it!

If you know me, I love basketball. I think I'm pretty good at it too (not like NBA/D-League good . . . but one of the first four to get picked from the side good . . . plug!). I'm no longer in the shape I used to be and I probably have lost about 6 inches off my previous 8 inch vertical, but I'm still decent. More importantly, I'm horribly competitive. So despite my noticeable decline in skill, I think I can still hang with the youngins and I thirst for opportunity to play against the best male rec ball players I can.

And thus the reason I am a Chauvinist.

You see, Obama recently received some attention for hosting a basketball game at the White House that was attended by all males. Asked if he was sending the wrong message, Obama stated that the retort was simply "bunk" (what's bunk?).

So in addition to being a socialist muslim with intentions to ruin our nation . . . Obama (and me for that matter) are chauvinists.

I play in three basketball leagues, none of which are co-ed. The only women around are the signficant other's in the stands (my wife is usually there to provide me in-game criticism support) and the lady running the clock (who really doesn't help the female argument as she often starts/stops the clock late because she's texting about nail polish and poodles). I prefer it this way. I think that there are some physical differences in men and women (go figure) that provides a more challenging game with 10 guys on the court. I respect the women's game (my wife has a mean jumper and when we play ball at our gym, I prefer to pick her up because she's usually a much better/smarter player than the other guys . . . despite the size she gives up. And my sister was like All-State and used to be a killer), but I prefer to play with the boys. It's not as if I expect some scantilly clad, top heavy women on the sideline cheering me along (. . .wait . . . nevermind).

So what's the beef? Why is it that Obama has to invite a chick, braud, woman to play with the fellas? Has our Nation become that sensitive to everything? And because he's the POTUS, does that mean that he can't have "guy time"? Will they ever give this guy a break?

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Problem with America: It's People . . .

The people of America have no clue what they want. You can easily decipher this from the headlines and news stories that show the teeter totter of American opinion of our President, his administration's policy and efforts and our stance on societal issues. Perhaps all that can be concluded is that we are a nation of uncertainty. Our passion for individualism sometimes falls victim to our collective aspirations, and vice versa.

For example, not more than a year ago, we sat appalled at the actions and decision making taken by high level executives who, while begging the American public for taxpayer funded bailout assistance, flew costly corporate jets to hearings with Congress, held lavish retreats at plush resorts and paid themselves millions of dollars in bonuses for a job not-so-well done. We wanted them ran up the pole and shunned for their inconsiderate and greedy behavior. Turn the clock forward and the POTUS' Pay Czar begins to take proactive action to limit the executive compensation packages that are based on presence and not performance and the American People call for revolution as the Government is overstepping their boundaries, meddling in private capital markets. We don't know where we stand and thus we don't stand for much at all.

Consider the recently discovered fraud in the tax credit for housing purchases (which found that several four year old's took out home loans last year according to their taxes . . . . right, go back and read that again). The American people, many of which who bit off more than they could chew regarding their home loans, called for the Government to step in to assist the victims of the mortgage debacle. The Government offered assistance by laying out tax credits to encourage continued lending and purchasing. What occurred? Lenders slowed the distribution of credit to the point that the process moved like molasses. And the American people. The people who were afraid that rampant foreclosure would drive their home prices down. Those people who begged the Government to step in and protect their investments. Those are the same people who took advantage of Government implemented assistance by having Fluffy the family cat claim an $8,000 tax credit and receive a $10,000 check in the mail (I wonder how Fluffy signed for that?). And after doing so, those same people gathered at town hall meetings clamoring that the Government through health care reform would be able to check their account balances in their private checking account. Are we this scared or just plain stupid?

Socially, We The People exclaim inclusiveness. Yet we define inclusiveness based on those who think like us, talk like us, walk like us, act like us, eat like us, live like us and make love like us. A measure sits on Obama's desk asking that a hate-crimes law with regards to crimes against persons based on their sexual orientation be ratified. The American people who's Constitution asserts that "all men are created equal " have balked at the notion that "all men" may include gay men or gay women. Their claims: that conservative speech against abortion and homosexuality will be stifled. CNN reports that 77,000 hate crimes were reported last year. 77,000. And the American People's concern is the ability for conservatives and religious groups to run anti-abortion ads? How minuscule does that measure up to the 77,000 who were victims of said crime? Is their rebuttal exemplary of the inclusiveness that they say exists in the fabric of our nation? Or is that garment something that is torn and tattered by the truth and reality that our nation is much more divided than we ever could imagine?

The problem with America. It's people. A people born of a desire to be free of tyranny yet willing to ostracize at will. A people committed to lending a helping hand but only to those who's ideology, values and party affiliation match the hand that is being lent. The problem with America. It's people. A people who have yet to commit to their nation's founding documents which have become more mission statement than binding vision and commitment to the people which it governs.

Friday, October 16, 2009

That's like the POTUS calling the kettle . . . . white!

So, Senator McCain is a bit perplexed that President Obama hasn't replied to his, not one, but two requests for a post-humous pardon for Jack Johnson. If you don't know who Jack Johnson is, click here then smack yourself for not being up on your black history. Jack Johnson was the Tyson . . . no Holyfield . . . . no Lewis . . . nope, I got it. . . . Ali of his time. Born of slaves, Johnson was a beast in the ring. No question are today's athletes bigger, faster and perhaps stronger. But none of them go 20 rounds, yes, 20 rounds in a fight! Jack Johnson was the reason a "Great White Hope" was coveted. Cause he was knocking the holy hope out of white boxers for years. The man caused race riots by beating the crap out of people. Made Congress pass legislation that outlawed filming of fights because of the many white men he was knocking out. And the kicker. He was smart. Considerably smart (this may have been more scary than his ability to punch you out back in those days).

But he had a flaw. The Kobe flaw. He loved him some white women. He eventually fled the states after being charged (twice) for taking women across state lines for "immoral purposes" (good thing they still don't chase people down for this. so many rap stars would be in jail that they could host prison yard concerts to cover the expenses of the entire Federal Penitentary System). But not only did he court women. He courted women of the most taboo persuasion. WHITE WOMEN! And he married them too! THREE TIMES! And he wasn't ashamed to let the world know that "once you go black, you never go back" as he touted his muscle in the bedroom.

Anyhow, Back to Senator McCain.

First and foremost, I must say I respect McCain. I think he's a stand up and noble guy, a war veteran and a all-around good dude (despite his "that one" f'up in the debates). I even support his efforts at the posthumous pardon. But I can't help but think, why is he giving Obama so much stress about this?

First is the fact that this isn't the first request for the Jack Johnson pardon. They asked G'Dubbya to do so, didn't happen. Not only did it not happen . . . but I bet you didn't even here about it (I know I didn't). Wouldn't it have been a more poignant statement for a white Senator and President to have got this done? Second is the inevitable retort that will come as a result of Obama answering his request. If Obama doesn't do it, he'd be sacrificed by the media as not having a respect for his black past. If he does do it, Obama is attempting to create reparations for all the prejudice and racism that has befallen black people. The POTUS can't win.

So, after all the many years of racism and prejudice that black men have received, they now (through our POTUS) have to apologize for it? The posthumous pardon is a sign of great respect and perhaps more importantly provides a sense of closure for the wrongly accused family and descendants. But how many post-humous pardons must be given out for the mistreatment, false accusal and imprisonment of black men (yesterday and today) to be rectified. That's not to say that they shouldn't be done. I just think it's a little perhaps. . . awkward. . . for someone to ask the first Black POTUS to say "I'm Sorry" on the government's behalf for the mistreatment of one of Black America's greatest figures.

But what can you expect.

Learn more about Jack Johnson here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

On The (Sorta) Lighter Side: Meet Trichelle - The New Black Barbie!

I'm going to get it for this one.

I wonder how much fun Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Saturday Night Live (. . .actually, I'd probably love the Saturday Night Live joint) is going to have with Trichelle. I can see it now.

Glenn Beck reporting on the new black Barbie:

"He put the Mattel folks up to it like he was pressing for Chicago to get the Olympics. Why? Because Obama hates white male America! And what better way to get at white male America than to make a supple skinned, full lipped, flared nose sexy and attractive Barbie doll that'll have young white girls wanting to grow firm rumps, have wide hips and weave. No Beyonce booty for our little white daughters Obama! We'll keep the flatback. We're not fooled by your attempts to indoctrinize our young white boys with the desire of this biatch black Barbie. First you make Serena, with her thick legs and rear, number one in professional woman's tennis. Now this. To all the little white men our there. Don't fall for it. Don't fall for the sensual taste of the black woman like Bill Maher fell for superhead. Fight the urge. Don't break up the white familial structure. Please don't let Obama win you over with Trichelle."

Rush Limbaugh reporting on the new black Barbie:

"The Black Barbie has landed. The world must reject Trichelle. She is not American. American women don't have flair and style like that. And Trichelle. If that isn't an attempt to appease Barack Hussein Obama I don't know what is! They practically named the doll after his wife. I'm afraid for our nation. If we make an aspiring black Barbie that is coveted like all other Barbies, you know what could happen. [whispers] They may think they could aspire too. They just may think that being black is beautiful. And for the love of our nation. We don't need that!"

Why Not Marie (. . . and I know I'm biased)?

I'm for the black Barbie. My cynical attitude understands that this black Barbie is merely an attempt at tapping into the black economy. But hey! It is what it is. I just don't know if people put enough thought in it. Does the black barbie, with fuller lips and wider nose have to have hip hop clothing? Can't she wear cardigans and flats clothes like the white Barbie? And why must she always have a little sister in tow? Where's mom? They say it's because she's "mentoring" but really. . . . really?

And why Trichelle? I deplore the idea that this is so common in the black community. If I take a sample of my closest friends girlfriends, fiancee's or wives, I don't come up with that. My wife's name is Marie, my good friends Kobie, Jeff, Sacramento and Chip ladies' are named Kenya, Niela, Tiffany and Stephanie. That's a 2 of 5. Wait. . .that's 40%. hmm. Maybe I need a larger sample set. But anyhow, you get my point. I don't want our young daughters thinking names like Lemonjello, Lercretia, Alize and Qiona ( . . .however I did just see an Asian girl of Wheel of Fortune with that name) are the norm. Can we get more Ashley's, Jill's, Marie's, Cathy's, Heather's in the black name database.

My other concern is what's going to be the outcome of the revamped black "Ken" doll? Is it going to be some 6' 2", ripped, basketball playing, fast running, barely got his GED, slanging, 24" rims riding, 9mm Gloc packing, five baby momma having Wesley Snipes black . . black dude . . . . with cornrows (the name of the doll would be Micheal Vick). Where does it stop?

This blog rant sponsored by Mattel. Black Barbie doll sold seperately. Baggage, issues due to lack of father in the household, processed hair, issues with constant plight for independency, two baby's by two different baby daddy's and section 8 housing not included.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All that most of us can do is pray . . . .

Warning: This video is horribly graphic. It brought me to tears watching it. Please don't take this cautionary warning as a joke! Watch the video here: http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2009/09/derrion-albert-vigil-and-march-postponed.html.

Pray. That is about all I could do after watching this video. I was angry, horrified, ashamed, torn and appalled. But all I could do is pray for this young man's family and the souls of those involved in taking his life. Pray. That's all that any of us who are not eyewitnesses to this tragedy can do. Those of you who are, please step forward and provide as much information as possible.

And perhaps that is a component of what is missing. Timely and proper prayer. I wonder if the young men who are charged with the crime are now praying, asking God to forgive them of their sins. I would ask them, as they kneel in their holding cells begging for forgiveness and to be absolved of their actions, did you pray before you swung your first punch, made your first kick or picked up the 2x4 that would cause the blunt force trauma that took this young persons life? Timely prayer. Praying post action is usually an effort to exculpate ourselves of poor decisions only after we have realized that our decision making was poor. It is a retroactive action. And it most definitely isn't the proper prayer. I would ask those individuals a second series of questions starting with do you feel your prayer is now proper? Do you feel that perhaps praying for better decision making before you take action (in this or any other situation) would be more proper? One of the greatest gifts God has given us is free will. I would ask if that free will is something that they cherish or abuse regularly? That free will is soon to be taken away from them. God willing.

Many of us are asserting blame. And even still, some of us are hoping to be excused of their contributions to this event occurring. A parent of one of the charged stated that their son is "not a bad kid". Perchance this poor assessment of child behavior is what makes this parent a "bad parent" for they have not been able to distinguish behavior which is to be considered "bad" and more importantly take necessary action to correct that behavior. Children make mistakes. Children that are properly raised do not make such egregious mistakes in which their errs takes the life of another. But it seems we are all looking for a pass. This parent, in a time in which they are saddened by the notion that they are soon to lose their child to prison, should have the compassion to understand that their loss is second to that of the loss that Albert's parents must feel. But in making such judgment towards their child, they also must judge themselves for they in essence have failed as a parent. Harsh. Perhaps. A necessary condemnation. Absolutely. For this attitude, this demeanor, this premise is what is lacking in our world today. That the effort that we put forth into raising our children will be reflected in the choices that those children make.

In reading the many desolate articles that have been written on this tragedy, I noticed something that may not necessarily stand out, but when scrutinized has to be a major contribution as to why our children are making poor decisions and finding themselves in situations which require decision making skill that they perhaps have not been properly prepared to make. Bare with me as I connect the dots. Eugene Bailey's mother has commented. She has another son, Vashion Bullock, who she pulled out of Fenger High School previously due to danger. Her last name is Smith. The primary respondent for the slain student's family is the Grandfather. From the articles I have read, no "fathers" have commented. Is it apparent now? The absence of the shared surname and lack of "father" respondents speaks to the dissolution of the familial structure that is a necessity for the rearing of a child. Perhaps in our praises for those who are I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T we have encouraged the idea that a unified effort isn't necessary to developing a child to be a productive participant to our society. We've heard it before. . . It takes a village to raise a child.

Lastly, President Obama has been under some criticism lately regarding the notion that the United States will not be able to solve all the worlds problems on its own. He has been shunned for in essence communicating to the rest of the world that the United States, in all it's self proclaimed greatness, may need some help. That sentiment is exactly what has created the opportunity for the Fenger High School brawl to occur. The idea that it is not required that we all contribute to providing solutions to these ills. That perhaps one action, one person, one thing can make this all better. I implore that everyone must begin at home and continue their efforts in their community to make these occurrences of violence rare versus regular.

And if you can't sign on to that notion, then perhaps you should just pray.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's never to late to. . . . . . . . .

It's easy to blame anyone other than ourselves for the issues that plague our lives. Unfortunately, it's far to common an occurrence amongst us all. Taking into account what has happened to you in a situation is far easier than giving credence to the idea that your actions (or lack of action) long before the situation even reared its ugly head may have put you on an inevitable path to the place where you are now; attempting to assign blame. It's an odd phenomenon that we assign the failed outcomes of our decisions (oft labeled re-actions) on the actions of others, yet in most cases take full ownership for our decisions that result in successes. I suppose when the outcomes are positive, there isn't enough praise to be shared.

Life is a host of choices. And learning to make better choices should be the goal we are continually seeking to achieve. If our effort at making better decisions/choices is as invigorated as our effort at assigning blame, we will most often have outcomes which we can be satisfied with regardless of their being viewed as positive or negative. Problem is, we are most often compelled to blame others as it alleviates us of self responsibility.

It's never to late to take responsibility for one's actions. The premise that "what's done is done" is a fallacy. I assert this to be true because many times, the effects of our "what's done is done" actions are much more everlasting than we ever would imagine. Many of us have had things done to us which have had lasting impressions on our psyche which have in turn become distinguishing and formidable components of our development as individuals. The experiences of our past have made indelible marks and influence on the way we make choices and decisions in our lives. It is often heard when people stand in front of podiums and audiences accepting awards and acknowledgement for a job well done that they are simply products of their environments, from well raised homes for which their mothers, fathers and mentors have ingrained upon them invaluable life lessons and guidance which has made them who they are today. Yet, when we are stand at the feet of judgement, we don't often enough take into account that that same upbringing and set of experiences may have contributed to poor estimation of the results of our choices and decisions.

It is a requirement that each of us take responsibility for our actions, absent of other's actions. It is never to late to do so. Regardless of the time that has passed in between. The first step to doing so is acknowledgement. We must give admission to the cue that our yesterday affects our present and tomorrow. We must give admission to the cue that those things that have made impressions on us from our past enable our decision making today. This is something we do without hesitation when the outcomes are admirable. However, when our decisions turn for the worse and cause unsettling ripples the pool of life, we must give just as much admittance to the fact that addressing our past is imperative to making better decisions in our present and tomorrow. Resolution of yesterday's issues isn't easily done for we have for so long muddled through. Yet the resolution of said issues has the opportunity to bring a certain peace that will permit us to make choices with sound and clear mind versus a mind clouded by the influence of unfortunate experiences of our past.

It's never too late. . . .

Is there something you thought that it was too late to resolve?

Friday, September 18, 2009

There's nothing wrong with this picture. . . .Absolutely nothing!

Nope. I know you want to play the card here. But you're wrong. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this picture. So stop it. Stop before you start with your anti-conservative, they must be racist slander. This is just the American right as defined by our great Constitution to criticize our government! Nothing more, nothing less. It's our patriotic duty as American citizens to let our government, a government for the people and by the people, know when we are not pleased with the direction that they are taking our Country. We love this country, and we are simply expressing such in our tea parties and posters and emails that show our lack of support for President Mr. Obama's decision making. You can attempt to make this a black or white thing but it isn't. And you know it. We're just "expressing concerns that the health-care proposals would make the quality of medical care worse in our country." We really need you to understand that. It's not about his tar complexion or race at all. So please, please don't make this a racial thing. Despite our country's long time negative infatuation with pigmentation, oppression based on ethnicity and undermining of a particular subset of people based on their skin tone . . . this has nothing to do with that.
Conservative America

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Can Read Too! Part 1 : Jason Chaffetz . . .

"America has forgotten how to read, or at least most of us. This must be the case because it seems that nowadays, we must be read to by our legislators and radio commentators for we don't seem to have the skills to make decisions on our own. So I have decided to read for us. I Can Read Too! is an series poised at giving context to the claims that politicians make based on snippets and excerpts that they provide to us of humongous bills and legislation passed through our Government for which we don't take the time to read ourselves. Reading is fundamental! And the more you do it, the more you can make decisions for yourself versus having to rely on persons with perhaps self-interested motives to make decisions for you. Our first goes out to Congressman Chaffetz of the great State of Utah."

Greetings Congressman Chaffetz:

I was watching a video on CNN which you quoted from the HR3200 bill regarding the "euthanasia" claims as well as the requirement to submit income tax documentation for affordability credits. My assumption is that you have read the entire document because you are quoting from it, but I am a bit baffled why you didn't provide the necessary context around the need for income tax documentation. The excerpt you quote and highlight in your video (". . . the individuals income shall be the income for the most recent taxable year . . . ") pertains to the distribution of affordability credits supplied by the government? Do you not feel this is valid information? Do you not think that it is a good process to verify that persons receiving said credits are actually in need of them? Or is the government to take people on their word and word alone? So if I make $100k a year and tell you that I make $10,000 (below the poverty line in the contiguous 48 states), would you not need to verify that? That is the true intent of the income verification you referred to but it seems that you left this out? Why is that the case?

You also spoke to the confusion surrounding the "euthanasia" claims in section 1233: Advance Care Planning Consultation. You again highlighted a portion of the bill which provided an "explanation by the practitioner of the continuum of end of life services and supports available". You stated that you could see why people would be confused. Yet you didn't take the time to explain that was only a sentence of Part E of Section 1233. Unless the alphabet has changed, four letters precede letter E, those four letters providing context to section E. Context provides understanding. Context provides support. Why have you elected to leave out the context? Do you not feel your constituents are not able to comprehend? You also stated that it's not optional? Where is it deemed in either HR3200 or Social Security Act 1861 that it is mandatory? Perhaps I missed it somewhere in the context. Is the provision in actuality limiting the amount to be paid out by the government in only allowing this to be done every five years? Do you suggest that this consultation between physician and patient be done more frequent at greater cost to the government?

I would implore that you take the time to provide context to your constituents. It's imperative that we be provided adequate and contextual information as we attempt to make sound decisions on where we stand with respect to the next generation of health care legislation in our country. Not doing so could be seen as shady politics.

I suppose that you signed up to do these videos on CNN to show that you are, as your site states, "driven by what is right, guided by the Constitution, committed to integrity and personal responsibility." Please hold steadfast to these humble and noble principles. It is what is necessary from our new and future leadership in America's political arena.

With Sincere Thanks,

Robert Weaver

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What Damon Wanted to Say But Didn't Because He Has More Sense Than Me.

First, read this:
XXXIV. Parents Fearing Obama’s School Speech

Great post by the good brother Damon Smith. He has a great knack for saying what needs to be said in a way that can be accepted. I pride myself on my ability to be able to tell people that they're stupid without using the word 'stupid' as well. But not this time. So I begin . . .

Parents Fearing Obama's School Speech:

You're stupid.

Normally i would try to say this to you in a manner in which I'm smiling while saying it, using big words that your dumbass wouldn't comprehend anyhow . . . wait. . . . that your dumbass wouldn't comprehend anyhow and with a tone that isn't by any means threatening or scary.

Not this time.

What did you think he was going to do, give your kids a thesis on Karl Marx and Fidel Castro's approach to effective government while sending them home with pamphlets highlighting socialism like he was a Jehovah's Witness or something? Have a hypnotic spiral playing in the background while constantly reciting in a monotone voice, "I am your leader! Pay for my health care! Buy a GM or Chrysler! Caring for one another is good !" Did you not think the teachers and principals you trust your kids with each and every day, THE MEDIA, anyone. . . would be standing guard? You give Obama waayyyy too much credit. Yes he's perhaps one of the most charismatic Presidents we've ever had, but dude isn't Bishop Don Magic Juan. He won't have your kid on the block selling ass!

I need an explanation from one of you. Just one of you. Hopefully someone with half a brain. . . . dang, Hopefully one of you with half a brain, as to why you thought this was a bad idea. But please don't insult me with the "ideology" defense for your actions. President's of recent past have shown the ability to provide a message to students which are without political agenda or partisanship. Why wouldn't Obama be able to do the same. Bush II could. And he's about as smart as those two fools on Real Chance of Love.

And I hate Bush II. I really hate him. With a passion (. . . have I expressed how much I hate him?). But if while he was President, or even today as steward of his ranch, I would jump at the chance of my child hearing the President speak, let alone speak in person (and so would some of you idiots as evidence is provided by this asinine notion here). Why? Because I respect our nation and just as important our President and leader.

Our country was no less divided when Reagan, Bush I or Bush II spoke to our students so the notion that our leadership would be motivated (or even willing) to encourage their partisan beliefs upon schoolchildren is idiotic. So what's the reason? Do you feel that strongly about the health care plan? Bailout? Van Jones? I know what it is. And I'm not afraid to say it.

You have not dealt with your issues on racism and the fact that the leader of the free world, the most powerful country that exists, is a black man. You will attempt to deny it. But you can't. You don't have a justified reason for your assumptions and actions. The White House put the speech out before so that you can review it, read it, make your mind up about it, etc. They did so despite the fact that you probably don't know what your kid's teachers' lesson plan is today. The teacher could be reading excerpts from Orwell's 1984 (you probably don't even know what book that is) or the Bible today and you wouldn't have a clue. It's because you wouldn't care. The nation has a 30% drop out rate. That is evidence that you parents aren't well engaged in what is going on in the classroom of our schools. That's because you're spending hours at town hall meetings talking about Obama's euthanasia health care reform package that will permit the government to kill your unborn child because they can't produce a birth certificate to verify that they're a US citizen! Dumbass.


[ breathe. . . ]

So to all you parents who thought that this was a bad idea. I have a secret to tell you. During the speech, a high frequency message was being played that can only be heard by children of conservative Americans that voted against Obama encouraging them to create living wills that give all their inheritance to needy underprivileged children before moving to Waco, Texas and joining a cult and staging the largest mass suicide ever. Don't believe them when they say they're staying at their friend's house this weekend. It's a lie.



Your President.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

When Will Some People Ever Learn?

First Read this: Commentary: Slavery Needs More than an Apology

You probably had the exact same reaction I did. Bravo! Finally someone had the cajones to speak the truth in a public (and I mean widely public . . . everyone reads CNN and if you don't . . . well) forum. And it didn't have to come from Jesse (Sr. or Jr.), Al or Roland Martin (who is a rather sharp dresser . . but that's another blog).

That feeling dissipated faster than Mike Vick's chancing of winning a citizen of the year award from PETA after the dog fighting news was released after I read the multitude of comments that were left.

Here's a sample:

"Slavery has not affected anyone alive today, who are we apologizing to" - Joe

"If you struggle with white guilt, good for you. It sounds like whatever comforts and privilege you were born into derive to some extent from your family's slave wealth. The small comfort and minor privilege into which I and many other 2nd and 3rd generation white Americans have was not earned off the backs of slaves." - Josh in MD

"We all have equal rights now, times have changed. There is no reason to constantly push the button on this matter." - Thomas J.

"I'm sorry but get over it." - Dave

To be fair, you really can't be mad at Dave. At least he did say he's sorry. But the rest of those who shunned the article you have absolute right to be pissed at. They don't even have the out of just being ignorant (see: They're not Racist, They're Just White). These scoundrels actually have the audacity to insist that despite the turmoil of racism as it was commonplace in our society in the past, there exists few or little remnants of its effects in present day society.

Do they not understand that the Civil Rights Movement is younger than their Grandpa? And for these persons to rationalize that due to everyone "having equal rights", slavery has no effect on our lives today is simply asinine. I'm 31. I have some bad habits that I have acquired over the course of those 31 years that haunt me to this day. Are you saying that our society's accepting temperament toward slavery which lasted hundreds of years can't by any means be relative in today's world?

Some people will never learn.

Friday, August 14, 2009

You got a problem with Vick?

The Michael Vick signing has brought me out my blogging hiatus. I've been absent from writing for some time as a result of life being hectic, but the reaction to his recent signing has irked me so that I feel i obligated to impress my opinion upon the interent world.

Let's clear the air. Michael Vick's actions and participation in the dog fighting culture was deplorable, irresponsible and senseless. It was an abuse of the status and recognition that he has acquired as a result of the God given talents that have been lent to him. His participation was exemplary of the lack of good judgement that is wide spread amongst athletes and their more than apparent sense of dominance and self proclamation of being untouchable. Further, he hurt many an animal and dissapointed those who wake up each morning staring at posters of him on their bedroom walls as they tie their cleats to run sprints so they too can "be like Mike". He let down those who work hard each day to enjoy the solace that comes as a result of spending that hard earned money on season tickets. His actions undoubtedly has saddened his peers and teammates who looked at him as an example of athletic prowess and superiority. To keep it plain and simple, what he did was wrong.

And he has paid for it. Two years of prison, no matter what the situation, is something that most of us could not for a second fathom. Having your every step outlined for you in advance, not being able to enjoy the luxuries of your life no matter how extravagant, being separated from society, friends, family and loved ones is a fate we all are afraid of. But he paid for it. His debt to society, in a multitude of ways, is paid in full.

What irks me is the reaction by some (far too many) to this young, humble, mistake making man to proceed with his life. The passion exerted by that of the opposition to the Philadelphia Eagles decision to sign Vick is immense in its ferocity and proportion. I have read facebook status messages calling for him to be fed to rabid dogs. Whether it be grandstanding or sincere, the soap box from which the disgruntled shout expletives and make demands from is tall and grandiose. They call for his expulsion from the league. They call him a murderer. They shun those that offer him a second chance in life.

And what is most unfortunate is that the root of their dissent is based not only on his crime, but his success (amongst other things. . . to be discussed later). Athletes have down worse (google Stallworth and Manslaughter) crimes, got less time and been less of a media attraction. Vick however is a game hunt for which any condemner would be proud to hang above their mantle. Their kids idolize Vick, beg for his shoes (for which he has made a considerable amount of money from), hang his photo on their walls, in their lockers and in their wallets as inspiration for greatness (despite the fact that they put food on the table each night and would love to have a fraction of said recognition) and desire to "be like Mike." He has seemingly unlimited wealth (disregard the bankruptcy filing as it is just a part of rich life . . .ask Donald Trump), access and power. All things the normal 9 to 5'er covets. And let's not forget he is a athletic dream. He runs fast, has an arm like a cannon, stunning agility and moves and can do the things you only can imagine or watch on TV. In all his greatness, his condemners despise him to the utmost. He is successful. He is young. He is talented and yes, (here comes the amongst other things) he is BLACK!

Yep, I said it. He is black. To act as if the the stain that has defined our country since its existence doesn't hold true in this situation would be asinine. And I won't permit you to scare me away with the "you're just playing the race card" retort. I provide you an example. Back in late 2008, video taped evidence bubbled up of Brian Giles abusing his mate. You may not even know who Brian Giles is. He wasn't asked to do time. He wasn't stripped of his endorsements. He didn't lose one red cent of his contract. It wasn't even a story long enough for the name Giles to be embedded in your head! Is domestic violence less of a crime than dog fighting? Ben Roethlisberger (Superbowl QB) stands accused of sexual assault. Is sexual assault worse than dog fighting? Should we skip Ben when the rings are passed out this year? When's the last you've heard of this story? Yet Pacman Jones gets about as much coverage as the Obama Healthcare plan. To disregard this blatant and obvious prejudice with respecting to condemnation is unacceptable.

What would be an acceptable trade for Mike Vick if football isn't it? If he worked in a 7-Eleven, would you be okay with that? Does that make the 7-Eleven workers who work hard to care for their families less significant than professional athletes? Is their means of making a living so discourageable that it should be looked at as punishment? What if you were to drink and drive, jaywalk or break some crime? Would it be okay for you to change professions from account manager at XYZ to selling cell phone cases at a kiosk in your local mall (. . .you'd be surprised how much money they make though)?

Find out why you actually have a problem with Vick. Address those issues (within you) and then perhaps we all can proceed on with our lives.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Do this! It's For a Great Cause! LaRabida Summerfest!

For my in Chicago folks, please come out and support this event. For my out of town folks, please make a donation! This is a great organization supporting our community.

La Rabida Summer Fest 2009:

Supporting the Child Advocacy Center of La Rabida Children's Hospital, the 1st Annual La Rabida Summer Fest '09 is an effort to provide financial support to one of La Rabida's most necessary departments. The Child Advocacy Center is a safe, child-friendly environment for children who have experienced psychological trauma and for alleged victims of sexual abuse and other violent crimes. The CAC provides investigative, therapeutic and support services free of charge to children and their families throughout South Suburban Cook County. Featuring local artists (including the CAC's own Berkeley Baker) supporting a local community effort the La Rabida Summerfest will celebrate the CAC's success while spreading the word of it's efforts.

Tickets & Donations:

Tickets for the event can be purchased buy clicking the link below. All proceeds of ticket purchases benefit the Child Advocacy Center. Please be sure to print a copy of your receipt as your ticket (a guest list of those who have purchased tickets will be on-site). In addition, monetary donations are welcome and appreciated and can be provided online by clicking the "donate" link below. All donations will benefit the Child Advocacy Center.

We greatly appreciate your support and consideration of this effort. Thank you and we look forward to celebrating with you at summerfest.

Donations: http://www.giveforward.org/larabidasummerfest

Purchase Event Tickets: http://larabidasummerfest.eventbrite.com/